AtScale’s New Patent & Release Redefine the BI Platform Category for the Enterprise

New release introduces patented capabilities that move the Big Data Analytics space forward

San Mateo, CA (Mar 7, 2017) – AtScale, the first company to provide enterprises with a fast and secure self-service BI platform for Big Data, announced the general availability of AtScale 5.0. This announcement comes on the heels of 10X company growth and an impressive list of new enterprise customers using its products across the globe and in major industries.

Supported by a newly granted patent on the platform’s ability to run its powerful calculation engine against any BI visualization tool, AtScale 5.0 brings order to the big data chaos.

AtScale 5.0 packs significant new features including the industry’s most scalable dimensional calculation engine, a machine learning performance optimizer, a universal data abstraction layer and enterprise-grade security, governance and metadata management capabilities.

The company will be showcasing this innovation at the Gartner Conference this week and the Strata+Hadoop World Conference next week.

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__Bringing Order to the Big Data Chaos

BI Platforms have traditionally been defined as ‘closed stacks’ that integrate definitions, query logic and visualization capabilities into one product suite. These suites were most appropriate for an era when IT managed BI, employees’ reporting needs were simple and data volumes small.

“The development approach that the business intelligence software industry has taken over the last two decades has not led to standardization in terms of presentation or analytics methodology. On the contrary, there are many more analytics and business intelligence tools today than there were five years ago,” said John L Myers, Managing Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a Boulder, CO based industry analysis firm. “With the growth of big data and data management options in recent years, there promises to be many more options five years from now.”

Despite years of efforts by enterprises to encourage standardization, business users are routinely using multiple visualization tools (Tableau, Microsoft Excel, etc) and asking bigger and broader questions of data stored across traditional databases like Teradata, modern platforms like Hadoop and next-generation analytics services like Google BigQuery. They need consistent speed, scale and security, regardless of which BI visualization tool they use and regardless of the data they query. AtScale 5.0 enables that.

__An Open Platform to simplify a complex world

Enterprise IT is challenged to guarantee data consistency, security and trustworthiness as users use a growing panel of BI tools across multiple data source types (relational, serverless, on-premises, in cloud, etc.). The increasing popularity of the public Cloud means that the data landscape has also become more complex: “CIOs deal with legacy EDWs, Hadoop and newer platforms like Google BigQuery, daily and simultaneously,” says Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Without a standardization platform between users and their data, this situation is virtually unmanageable.”

As IT leaders wrangle with a proliferation of data platforms, the move to the Cloud and an exploding range of BI tools, a new type of BI Platform is required. The critical capabilities for this modern BI Platform matches AtScale 5.0’s key functionality, namely:

  • Multi-dimensional Calculation Engine providing the industry’s most scalable computation engine for modeling the toughest business processes.
  • Performance Optimization Engine powered by machine learning to automatically optimize query performance for “speed of thought” analysis.
  • Data Abstraction Layer enabling access to relational and Big Data data sources on-premise and in the Cloud.
  • Enterprise-grade Security, Governance and Metadata Management for providing safe, trustworthy and consistent views of any data for any BI tool or custom application.
    AtScale innovation spans across the Business Intelligence and the Big Data space, markets that represent a $187B opportunity by 2019.

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