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Secure and govern data once, without data copies.

Why Data Security & Governance
Have Become More Important in Today's
BI & Analytics Revolution

Data is an enterprise's most important asset. Improving performance, agility, and the return on investment in analytics is important, but means nothing if data is not properly secured and governed.

Enable self-service access to curated data sets without the risks associated with data movement and the complexity of integrating a myriad of security and authorization protocols. Empower business users to find new insights using a single data interface, no matter where the data is stored. Allow IT to secure access and adhere to corporate security and governance policies.

Secure Data at Rest and in Motion

Ensure secure communication channels with support for TLS-secured communications. Secure data at rest using data-platform-level encryption zones and masking.

Single Sign-On, Top-To-Bottom

Manage all of your users and groups using your existing LDAP or Active Directory infrastructure. Use delegated authorization for any BI tool or custom application.

Data & Metadata Filtering

add perspective security screenshot - may 2019
Filter Metadata with Perspectives

Selectively mask measures, dimensions and hierarchies to provide multiple views for users and groups based on their access and visibility rights.

Filter Data at Query Time

Leverage AtScale’s Security Dimensions to constrain data visibility for end users. Manage data access rules through flexible, multidimensional lookup tables.


Control exactly which users and groups can access AtScale projects and virtual cubes. Define and assign roles for administrators, designers, query users and more.

Use Case Spotlight:
Eliminating Data Extracts

The Challenge

One of the world's largest chemical companies faced a scenario where a large percentage of their data was getting siloed into disparate databases. As a result, business intelligence users wishing to analyze data across multiple sources had to extract copies of data onto local machines, creating their own databases. Over time, these copies were edited locally and became increasingly less accurate relative to the original data. In addition to reporting on inaccurate data, the presence of millions of extracts represented a huge security headache. The existence of these copies essentially bypassed all of the corporate data securities the chemical company had put into place.

The Solution:

The chemical company centralized its data in a hybrid cloud data lake, and implemented the AtScale Virtual Data Warehouse to improve performance and accuracy of their analytical workloads. AtScale has enabled BI users to connect live to the central data repository regardless of what BI tool they use, which is critical as the chemical company has substantial constituencies using Excel, SAP, Tableau, and Power BI. With a self-service view into live data, BI users no longer need to extract data to local machines. Eliminating millions of data extracts ensures that the chemical company's data is secured and governed to the highest level.

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Security & Governance Resources

Webinar: AtScale Office Hours with CTO Matt Baird
AtScale CTO and Co-Founder Matt Baird discusses the importance of security to the modern enterprise's operational analytics, and AtScale's approach to ensuring data security and governance.

Video: Securing Data In The Cloud
In video five of AtScale's Cloud Transformation Course, learn how AtScale integrates with and augments the security programs of cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Resdshift.