AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization

AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization helps to automatically gain insights from data across platforms without human assistance, no matter where your data is stored or how it is formatted.

AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization components include:

  • Data Catalog: Data virtualization provides an organized system or catalog that allows the user to search, discover and consume data from different sources.
  • Data Services Layer: Data virtualization can be used between original and derived data, applications or devices to provide flexibility and organize components that perform the same function.
  • Data Lifecycle Management: Data virtualization automates the processes involved in organizing the data into different tiers depending on age or size.
  • Data Unification System: Data virtualization allows users to obtain data from different sources regardless of location in one unified form for data processing and analysis.
  • Integrated Management System: Data virtualization has a highly integrated UI that allows the end user or system to perform intuitive and approachable data engineering.

Start getting immediate value from data right away, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, by leveraging Intelligent Data Virtualization via the AtScale’s Adaptive Analytics Fabric.

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