AtScale Cloud Data Warehouse Benchmark Report

This benchmark analysis quantifies vendor benefits for Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Snowflake with and without AtScale.

Using the standard TPC-DS (10TB) benchmarking framework, we set out to test the performance
and scalability boundaries of the various options. In addition, we also examined the operational cost dimension and we challenged the traditional data modeling techniques by testing an alternative to raw TPC-DS SQL.

The results of this study use the above metrics to quantify results in these four areas:

  • Query performance: see where we found 61x faster queries on a 29 billion row data set
  • Compute costs: who had 10x cheaper on a 10 TB cloud data warehouse
  • Semantic complexity: where we found 76x less complexity versus raw SQL
  • User concurrency: who came out on top for multiple users

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