Bullet-Proofing Cloud Migration

Remove barriers and accelerate cloud migration initiatives without business disruption

The complexity of cloud migration can be overwhelming, and enterprises risk losing ground in the race to migrate to the cloud and become data-driven organizations.

There is a crucial element in migration planning that is sometimes missed, slowing and complicating the migration process and resulting in disruption to the business, lengthy integration projects, and system and application rewrites.

Including an intelligent virtualization layer in migration planning can help avoid this “stalling out” of migration initiatives and enable enterprises to start realizing the benefits of cloud migration early in the process, while freeing IT to conduct the migration on their own timetable without business disruption.

Learn how AtScale’s Adaptive Analytics Fabric eliminates the top challenges in cloud data migration and lets you:

  • Eliminate the need to move sensitive data by letting BI access data wherever it is stored
  • Allow IT to move data deliberately and at their own pace, without disruption to the business or operations
  • Future-proof your migration and vendor lock-in with a platform-agnostic analytics fabric
  • Apply unified security and compliance rules at the user level
  • Deliver a unified data experience to business users right away
  • Immediately benefit from superior enterprise data warehouse performance with auto-tuned query optimization

Intelligent data virtualization enables enterprises to fundamentally change their data architecture so that it is location and format agnostic.

Short circuit the challenges of cloud migration with a new perspective on data access and management – download this paper today.

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