Cloud Migration Best Practices Industry Guide for Finance

Improve customer experience with a single view of your organization's data

Financial services enterprises who successfully migrate to the cloud employ strategies that alleviate location, time and data format challenges to obtain visibility and agility today while freeing IT teams to migrate backend data on a schedule of their own choosing.

This guide provides practical steps critical for financial organizations:

  • Ensure continuous and unified hybrid cloud security, governance and compliance management
  • Establish data platform independence to get the most out of your existing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) while migrating to cloud platforms
  • Centralize access to data to make all the enterprise’s data discoverable and facilitate building queries and connecting to Business Intelligence (BI) tools
  • Transform data with business logic to create an environment that is agnostic to BI tools and data platforms, returning the same results no matter what tool and what database were used

Selecting the right migration strategy will support efforts to promote visibility and agility in data analysis, free the enterprise of potentially costly security and data governance risks, and enable cloud data migration on a schedule that works across the organization.

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