How to Use a Data Lakehouse for AI & BI at Scale


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Get practical advice from enterprise Data & Analytics Leaders from PayPal, Direct Supply, BetMGM, and Kolibri Games on enabling Business-Driven Analytics and fostering a Data-Driven Culture.
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Join leaders from Inspire Brands and Databricks for a panel discussion on how to build a successful program that combines the data science focus of the data lake with the analytics power of the data warehouse — in an open environment — to unlock incredible value in your organization.

Our Data Lakehouse leaders & strategists will share practical guidance and examples on how data teams can move faster, reduce complexity, and accelerate decision making at your organization. You’ll hear best practices to ensure you have the most complete and up-to-date data available for data science, machine learning, and business analytics programs at scale.

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In this webinar

You will learn about:

  • How a Data Lakehouse with a semantic layer combines the best of data warehouse and data lake functionality
  • Enabling data teams to model and deliver a semantic layer over data in a Lakehouse.
  • Achieving speed of thought query performance and consistent KPIs across any BI/AI tool like Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Looker, DataRobot, etc
  • Achieving optimal performance on large datasets while improving query performance and user concurrency by 10x.
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Who should watch

Data & Analytics leaders and practitioners (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, data literacy, business intelligence, and analytics professionals) looking to enable  business intelligence (BI) and machine learning (ML) on all data using a semantic layer.


Andrew Sohn Headshot, Vp Of Enterprise Data & Data Products Delivery At Inspire Brands
Andrew Sohn

VP of Enterprise Data & Data Products Delivery at Inspire Brands

Andrew is the VP of Enterprise Data and Data Products Delivery at Inspired Brands, the second-largest Restaurant Company in the US with $26B+ in Global System Sales and restaurants in 60+ Countries. There are 32,000+ restaurants globally within the Inspire Brands portfolio including Dunkin’, Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, SONIC Drive-in, Baskin-Robbins, and Jimmy John’s. As an Executive-level Data and Analytics leader, Andrew is responsible for delivering tangible business outcomes by leveraging data-related technologies and processes throughout the entire data supply chain – data acquisition, governance, processing, integration, security and compliance, distribution, analytics, and reporting, and external monetization.

Soham Databricks
Soham Bhatt

EDW Modernization Practice Lead at Databricks

Soham Bhatt is a Senior Solutions Architect leading the EDW and ETL modernization practice at Databricks. Before Databricks he worked at Toyota Motors on building their next-generation Big Data Platform.  Prior to that, his background was in building Enterprise Data Warehouses and ETL architectures for Fortune 100 companies with Inmon and Kimball methodologies. In his current role, he loves guiding his customers with best practices as they modernize their EDWs to Data Lakehouses.