What did we learn this year?

2020 was a year that we won’t forget. In the wake of COVID-19, we all had to adapt to a new way of life. Everything changed; from the way we worked, socialized and even how we perceived time. 

The opportunity to slow down and dive into topics and challenges around enterprise analytics that we hear from our customers let the AtScale team connect with the community more than ever.

In this eBook, we highlight our top webinars of 2020:

  • How to Realize an Additional 270% ROI on Snowflake
  • How to Achieve an Additional 9x ROI on Google BigQuery for Analytics
  • How to Build Business Forecasts with Microsoft Excel Using 10X the Data and 20X the Speed
  • How to Optimize Sales Analytics Using 10X the Data at 1/10th the Cost
  • How to Identify Your Most Valuable Customers Using Dozens of Data Sources
  • How Tyson Foods Responds to Market Conditions with a Unified Data Model