The Ultimate Data Virtualization Buyer’s Checklist

There are a variety of data virtualization approaches in the market and it’s important to understand the different styles before starting the purchasing process. The Ultimate Data Virtualization Buyer’s Checklist is a great tool to help you determine the capabilities you need from a data virtualization vendor.

This checklist will help you evaluate data virtualization vendors and includes a list of capabilities to look for and key recommendations on:

  • Which style of data virtualization provides the most flexibility for future-proofing your architecture
  • What to look for with query performance management
  • The type of design environment to look for to promote re-use and enforce standardization
  • How to find a vendor who will leverage existing tooling connectors and avoid vendor lock-in

This is a companion piece to the Complete Buyer’s Guide for Data Virtualization which provides a deeper dive into the approaches to data virtualization.

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