Unlock Business Value with Data in Financial Services

Ramdas Boa 2
Ramdas Narayanan

VP PM of Data Analytics and Insights Tech in Financial Services Industry

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Dave Mariani

Chief Technology Officer, Founder, AtScale

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Gain insights into leveraging data for enhanced business growth and profitability, covering customer experience, competition, product offerings, market geography, and advertising.

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Through the lens of the financial industry, this webinar will dive deep into understanding the business problem, quantifying success metrics, inspecting the data landscape, and presenting data to inspire leaders to take action based on data insights. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your data-driven strategies in the financial services industry.

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In this Tech Talk, you will learn:

  • The vital role of delivering exceptional customer service and support to retain customers, with insights into managing customer data, interaction data, and completion rates.
  • Strategies for assessing market opportunities and strengthening customer relationships through data-driven actionable insights.
  • How to craft intelligent and feature-rich product offerings, focusing on capturing relevant data related to product mix, features, and precise customer targeting.
  • The significance of selecting the right markets for expansion, including insights into the data requirements tied to external macroeconomic data, business availability, and customer demographics.
  • The role of AI in personalization and effective advertising, and the need for scalable data infrastructure in AI-driven campaigns.
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Who should watch

Data, AI & BI leaders and practitioners (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, and BI/analytics professionals).