AtScale 2020.3 Product Release Overview

We are pleased to announce AtScale v. 2020.3.

This webinar, led by Chris Oshiro, AtScale Field CTO, will provide an overview of the key features in this release.

A few of the marquee features within AtScale 2020.3:

  • Enhanced Preferred Aggregate Storage – building on the AtScale 2020.2 release that introduced the Preferred Aggregate Storage for AtScale’s Autonomous Data Engineering™, AtScale can now make intelligent decisions about where to locate these structures and how best to use them leveraging AI
  • Orchestrator Phase Two – enhancements include providing a physical and logical view of AtScale nodes, an improved managed services interface and new logging service
  • AtScale core platform improvements including:
    • Virtualization performance
    • Expanded enterprise data platform support
    • Additional security features & enhancements
  • Additional Microsoft Power BI Support – The AtScale connector is an MDX-based connector publishing the full semantic layer of AtScale virtual cubes including hierarchies, drill-down paths and measures.



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