How Slickdeals Extends Self-Service Data Analytics Access to All Business Users Using a Semantic Layer


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Learn how the leading social shopping platform modernized their data architecture using a semantic layer to tap into data faster. Slickdeals makes data more accessible across their entire business to enable smarter data-driven decisions at scale.

In this webinar, Director of Data and Analytics at SlickDeals, Greg Mabrito discusses their data modernization initiative to implement a semantic layer to extract more value from Snowflake as their scalable data infrastructure and extend self-service analytics to business stakeholders in Power BI.

You will gain insight into Greg’s roadmap to make data more accessible, so business users across all departments can ask questions and get answers from data without bottlenecks or slowdowns.

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In this webinar

Greg will dive deep on:

  • How their flexible, extensible, and user-friendly data architecture makes it possible to access data without the need for in-depth knowledge of data structure or location
  • How a semantic layer relieves dependence on the tech team, while still empowering them with the visibility they need
  • How Slickdeals delivers confidence and trust in data and KPIs, so that the insights team members derive can be trusted to be accurate, truthful, and meaningful
  • How Slickdeals has made data and insights more accessible across lines of business and job functions.