The Semantics of the Semantic Layer

The 7 key requirements of a Semantic Layer

A perspective from David P. Marian, CTO & Founder of AtScale  –  one of the foremost authorities on the semantic layer.


Cover-The Semantics of a Semantic Layer


With cloud data re-platforming in full swing, we are finally seeing attention turning to the last mile of enterprise analytics with the semantic layer topic surging in popularity. A semantic layer has become a critical component in the modern data and analytics stack.

Semantics Of The Semantic Layer - diagram


This white paper illustrates the 7 key requirements of a Semantic Layer having spent more than a decade working to deliver the vision of a universal semantic layer and making it work for real, demanding customers.

About the Author

David P. Mariani, CTO & Founder of AtScale

Dave is the founder of AtScale and is the Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to  AtScale, he was VP of Engineering at Klout & at Yahoo! where he built the  world’s largest multi-dimensional cube for BI on Hadoop. Mariani is a Big Data visionary & serial entrepreneur.