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AtScale is helping enterprises analyze massive amounts of data at the speed of
thought and changing the way people are using data to solve their business challenges.




True self-service analytics allows business users in an organization to directly access and analyze data with BI tools on their own, rather than relying on data engineers or data analysts. With a self-service analytics culture, far more people across the organization can act upon data with knowledge, insight, and confidence.

AtScale allows enterprises to transform themselves into truly data-driven organizations by enabling self-serve BI. It removes the obstacles preventing you from consolidating data and producing shared insights across the organization through live connections to data and a unified semantic layer, regardless of where the data is stored.

Faster Time-to-Insight for the Business

AtScale delivers queries interactively so users can query trillions of rows of data without having to move it, making integration of new data sources lightning fast. Make data extracts a thing of the past with AtScale’s live connection to your data.

Easily add new datasets

Live connectivity to all types of data platforms – in the cloud or on-premises, and the ability to add new data platforms with ease.

Quickly add new dimensions and hierarchies

AtScale’s drag-and-drop data modeling lets you ask new questions of the data without dependence on IT. Business users can quickly and easily publish new dimensions, measures and hierarchies and begin querying the data instantaneously.

Optimized, faster query performance

AtScale accelerates queries for BI teams and data scientists by applying machine learning to generate acceleration structures. Query times are in turn improved anywhere from 5x to 100x.

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A Single Source of Truth Across Your Organization

AtScale defines all business logic in one place for everyone so there’s no need to build business logic and calculations directly into your BI dashboards and workbooks. This saves time and ensures that everyone on the team speaks the same language while delivering sophisticated multi-dimensional analytics server-side, including custom calendars, semi-additive metrics, time series analysis, and drill-downs.


Standardized and consistent business logic

AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer™ provides shared data definitions with a logic layer that results in consistent KPIs and presents all of your data in a common business language easily understood by all of your users.

BI Tool agnostic

Create a live connection to your data with your preferred BI tool, including Tableau, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power BI. Preserve your BI investment and eliminate the need for retooling or retraining.

Data source and platform agnostic

AtScale connects your BI tool to your data regardless of the location or format of the data source. This
means no more extracts, so your data doesn’t have to be replicated or transformed in any way.

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AtScale Works with Your Favorite BI Tools

Get live connections to your data and consistent reporting using the BI tools you already use, with no re-tooling or data extracts.


Make Tableau an OLAP powerhouse capable of computing the most complex calculations server-side. Open up new workloads for BI and AI with live data instead of pre-aggregated data extracts.

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Microsoft Excel

Run drill-down and pivot analyses on your cloud data with live connections for Excel and virtual analytics cubes.

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Microsoft Power BI

Power BI users get live access to data for BI and analytics quickly and securely. Cloud OLAP technology lets you create a virtual OLAP cube on top of your data while keeping the SSAS MDX power you love.

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Use Case Spotlight: Rakuten Rewards

Rakuten has a data-driven vision that empowers employees across the organization to derive insights from company data. This means leveraging member data such as who shops where, when, and how often along with pricing, commissions and more in order to create compelling offers and satisfying service. Rakuten Rewards restructured its data infrastructure by moving from an on-premise Hadoop cluster to a Snowflake cloud data warehouse on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AtScale provided query optimization and semantic connections to the data, which is then analyzed by end users with Tableau.

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Fortune 50 DIY retailer optimizes a cloud data platform to increase ROI per analysis.

Toyota leverages AtScale, accelerating time-to-insight from weeks to minutes.

Fortune 100 industrial conglomerate embraces the cloud without business disruption.

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