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Migrate your data from multiple sources to the cloud without business disruption
while improving query speed and lowering your costs.


Unify your data and make it accessible across the enterprise

Enterprises today are looking for new infrastructure options that ensure their business is fast and agile. This requires new data management approaches that leverage data from a variety of sources for analytics and business intelligence. AtScale helps by unifying data across platforms and making it available quickly and easily.

AtScale helps overcome the 5 critical challenges of moving to the cloud
  1. Provides a universal interface for BI and AI tools so data consumers can get consistent answers to the same questions
  2. Virtualizes data sources into a single, unified business view to maximize reusability and avoid semantic differences
  3. Accelerates queries for all data sizes regardless of the application or tool used
  4. Reduces costs and makes them more predictable for budgeting
  5. Protects sensitive data from unauthorized access and provides a single layer to govern data access

The Benefits of Adaptive Analytics

Improve Time to Insight

Cuts time to insight from your data from 3 weeks to 2 hours

Deliver Enterprise-scale Analytics

Reduces query times from as much as 2 hours to under 10 seconds

Apply Consistent Business Security to Data

Secures and governs data once, without data copies

Handles every size of data quickly

Reduces trillion-row data loads from 4 days to a few hours

Manage Access to Sensitive Data

Deliveres row-level access for all users across dozens of regions

Reduce Data Latency

Lowers data processing time from 24 hours to 30 minutes

Why AtScale?

Achieve Platform Independence

AtScale’s Adaptive Analytics Fabric provides platform independence so enterprises can move data with minimum disruption for business users.

Data Migration on Your Own Terms

AtScale helps enterprises engineer new data solutions in the background and quickly switch users to the new data platform without disruption to the business.

Unprecedented Performance

AtScale increases query performance through the use of acceleration structures based on user behaviors, so that all data, even data that remains on legacy systems, will be faster to access.


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Data-driven enterprises need to modernize to expand their security and lower their platform costs while empowering their citizen data analysts with fast and accurate analytics. By democratizing data access for business users while applying consistent data governance and business semantics, enterprises can realize the full potential of their data assets.


Realize the benefits of cloud migration sooner by accelerating platform testing, vendor selection, data preparation, and data migration.


AtScale decouples the benefits of cloud migration from the physical location of the data, allowing enterprises to take their time preparing new data solutions while business analysts and executives enjoy consolidated data and faster query response times.


Maintain the intricate user access permissions of each database while offering consolidated data to users using AtScale’s patented True Delegation technology which satisfies the most stringent data governance and access auditing policies.

Use Case Spotlight: Fortune 50 Retailer

The Challenge:

AtScale enabled the migration of data from Hadoop to Google BigQuery with minimal disruption to the retail stores that use the data for stocking and pricing every week.

The Solution:

AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer™ enabled the enterprise to migrate its data to without interrupting data use. Data now refreshes in minutes, and query responses take seconds.


Learn How to Migrate to the Cloud


Fortune 50 DIY retailer optimizes a cloud data platform to increase ROI per analysis.

Toyota leverages AtScale, accelerating time-to-insight from weeks to minutes.

Fortune 100 industrial conglomerate embraces the cloud without business disruption.

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AtScale Adaptive Analytics

Deliver data for business intelligence and machine learning analytics just-in-time.
Shift resources from managing distributed data silos—to analyzing them.

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