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Migrate your data from multiple sources without business disruption
while improving query speed and lowering your costs.


Make your move to the cloud seamless

AtScale helps speed cloud data migration by simplifying how companies connect and access all their data platforms and helping them avoid risky lift-and-shift approaches. AtScale’s unique ability to intelligently virtualize enterprise data warehouses and facilitate universal access to data delivers the benefits of cloud migration upfront.

AtScale helps overcome the 5 critical challenges of moving to the cloud
  1. Transition from on-premise to cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud platforms without business disruption, while improving query performance and reducing cloud resource consumption
  2. Simplify how you connect and access all of your data platforms, helping avoid risky lift-and-shift approaches
  3. Intelligently virtualize your enterprise data warehouse and facilitate universal access, gaining the benefits of platform independence upfront
  4. Eliminate the need to move sensitive data by enabling access wherever the data is stored
  5. Allow IT to move data deliberately without disruption to the business or operations

Solutions for Bullet-Proof Cloud Migration

Whether you’re considering a migration to a cloud environment, are in the midst of a migration, or have already made the transition, AtScale Adaptive Analytics provides the confidence you need to leverage data across the enterprise.

Accelerate Your Move to the Cloud

AtScale enables fast, consolidated data access without moving, translating, or re-architecting data. Intelligent data virtualization enables enterprises to modernize their data architecture so that it is location and format agnostic. Time to market is fast because AtScale has native connections and a software development kit (SDK) that enables you to add new platforms in no time.

Avoid Cloud Migration Risks

Intelligent data virtualization preserves the security policies of individual databases, orchestrates seamless merging of policies when users are working with multiple databases that may have different security policies, and applies global security policies across all data.

Make Cloud Migration Seamless for BI Users

AtScale’s intelligent data virtualization lets data scientists and business users use any BI tool they want because the differences in data formats are automatically normalized with a semantic translation layer. No longer do you have to bend all users to a single standard for BI software. Disparate datasets can be accessed, integrated and analyzed with any BI tool, and data and queries will always return consistent answers.

Optimize Cloud Performance

AtScale’s intelligent data virtualization uses machine learning to apply high-performance aggregates to data to improve query speed and cost performance. One AtScale customer moved 5,000 business locations to the cloud over two weeks, improved query performance 50%, and reduced costs 90%.

Your Success is Our Success

Succeeding in your cloud migration initiative requires support from a team that understands the potential blockers that come with such a transformative technology implementation. With experienced developer and analytics professionals on your side, you get unmatched levels of transparency and attention when you need it most.


Speed time-to-delivery using documented best practices from dozens of deployments.

Professional Services

Scale and expand to meet immediate and long-term demands with an extended project team available on- and off-site.

Cloud Assessment

An assessment of the business impact of your data analytics project to understand and measure the positive outcomes it will produce.


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Top Cloud Vendors Partner with AtScale

AtScale partners with the leading technology companies in the data and analytics industry to provide solutions for our customers that help them unleash the power of data for analytics. 

Amazon Web Services

Learn how AtScale provides access to live data on AWS Redshift and S3 – quickly, easily and securely – for analytics and business intelligence.

Google Cloud

AtScale and Google BigQuery together provide a cost effective, business friendly analytics solution that includes a Universal Semantic Layer, predictable performance, data governance and security all in one.

Microsoft Azure

Along with Microsoft Power BI and the Azure, AtScale and Microsoft together deliver a complete self service analytics powerhouse on-premises and in the cloud.

Use Case Spotlight: Fortune 50 Retailer

The Challenge:

AtScale enabled the migration of data from Hadoop to Google BigQuery with minimal disruption to the retail stores that use the data for stocking and pricing every week.

The Solution:

AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer™ enabled the enterprise to migrate its data to without interrupting data use. Data now refreshes in minutes, and query responses take seconds.


Learn How to Accelerate Cloud Migration


Fortune 50 DIY retailer optimizes a cloud data platform to increase ROI per analysis.

Toyota leverages AtScale, accelerating time-to-insight from weeks to minutes.

Fortune 100 industrial conglomerate embraces the cloud without business disruption.

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