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Reframe the way you leverage Big Data—vital for cutting costs and improving outcomes
and ultimately saving lives.


Transform trillions of data points into insights that drive down costs and improve quality of care

Break down data silos and improve performance from legacy platforms

Combine data from fragmented systems from across the organization and accelerate performance to increase insights, improve care, and to control costs.

Gain a 360-degree view of patient data just-in-time

Access patient-critical data (including diagnosis, treatment, response and results) using the varied applications and analysis tools when you need it.

Enact security and compliance in a highly regulated environment

Assure end-to-end data security and compliance with each patient’s personal and health information.

Business Challenges

Capturing, analyzing and leveraging non-traditional data sets

Collecting and incorporating diverse, distributed and dynamic data sets is a major obstacle for innovative screening and risk stratification strategies.

Accessing large-scale data required for deep learning and analysis

Accessing large-scale data that is complete, accurate, and up-to-date is a perennial challenge for analytics professionals in healthcare organizations.

Measuring Success in a Data-Insights Driven Organization

Identifying return on investment whether it's financial, improvement on clinical quality measures, or better and more accurate patient care when it's needed.

Unlocking data silos created by legacy technologies and potential risk

Without a universal data model due to transactional health IT systems there is an inability to lock down data security and compliance to keep pace with regulations.

Why AtScale?

Streamlined operations at scale

AtScale provides a centralized access point for all of the organization’s databases without requiring the data to be moved to a centralized database.

Improved data agility and performance

Autonomous Data Engineering automatically normalizes data from disparate fact tables so fragmented data is automatically normalized to facilitate combining disparate fact tables for analysis and machine learning. It also produces acceleration structures that increase query performance many times.

Enhanced data privacy, security, and compliance

TrueDelegation patented security technology ensures user access rights are derived from the source databases for each record combined with global security policies. User access is tracked and access rights from the source databases and the overarching organization’s security are combined to ensure no data viewed by users without the proper permissions.

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Unleash the Value of Health Data in the Era of Big Data

Healthcare organizations can realize the immediate value of advanced analytics as a way to solve their business problems. In order to have true IT security, you need to focus on data security and that requires three things: centralization, protection and monitoring.


Improve visibility into the organization’s data to derive insights, improve care, and control costs.


Improve data security through centralization, protection and monitoring leveraging the transactional systems that track patient history and build an analytics fabric that enables BI/AI/ML for patient care prevention.


Ensure that private and personally identifiable health information is not seen by users without the appropriate user permissions.


Connect data without data migration and decouple the data migration process from access to and performance of data.

Use Case Spotlight: Major Healthcare Provider

The Challenge:

A major healthcare provider was spending tens of millions of dollars to run fraud analysis on data stored in a traditional MPP platform. When the time came to upgrade their hardware to match their data needs, the only option was to migrate to Hadoop. There was one problem though: while the cost of the data platform was significantly lower than their old MPP, performance was abysmal and their traditional BI tools couldn’t interface Hadoop’s unstructured data model.

The Solution:

AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer was deployed between users and their data, improving query performance by a 35X factor (compared to the old MPP option) and integrated smoothly with the existing employees’ BI tools. The AtScale architecture is the only industry’s patented solution that has been optimized to take advantage of any BI tool (MDX or SQL-based) and to plug-and-lay in any enterprise data lake, in non-intrusive ways, regardless if it is on premises or in the cloud.



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Fortune 50 DIY retailer optimizes a cloud data platform to increase ROI per analysis.

Toyota leverages AtScale, accelerating time-to-insight from weeks to minutes.

Fortune 100 industrial conglomerate embraces the cloud without business disruption.

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AtScale Adaptive Analytics

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