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data & Analytics Maturity Model Workshop SeRies

Learn about leading capabilities and practices leveraged by top data-driven teams

Each module is an instructor-led video presentations Watch all the modules or take the assessment to get a curated lineup based on your organization’s current capabilities

Instructor-led on-demand content

Build knowledge and skills for modern data & analytics capabilities with 9 modules of cloud-focused Self-Serve Analytics and Data Literacy techniques and best practices

Viewing the series will take participants through prescriptive guidance to improve your data & analytics maturity by embracing leading capabilities.

AtScale Data & Analytics Maturity Model

This video workshop series is designed to help busy data & analytics professionals, so we’ve developed an assessment to curate the list of the most relevant modules based on your current capabilities.

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Meet the Instructors

Dave Mariani

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dave is one of the co-founders of AtScale and is the Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to AtScale, he was VP of Engineering at Klout & at Yahoo! where he built the world’s largest multi-dimensional cube for BI on Hadoop. Mariani is a Big Data visionary & serial entrepreneur.

Bob Kelly

Director of Education and Enablement

Bob Kelly is an expert in data warehousing and business intelligence through experience acquired in the creation and technical leadership of several respected Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing firms.