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We started AtScale based on our personal experiences building business intelligence solutions on big data at companies like Yahoo!, Klout, and Conductor.

After struggling with existing technologies year after year, we decided it was time to solve the problems we encountered, and AtScale was born.


Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Lynch is the CEO & Chairman of the Board. Prior to AtScale, Chris co-founded and was a General Partner at Accomplice, a venture capital firm investing in early-stage tech companies. Chris has held leadership roles at tech startups like Vertica, Acopia Networks Arrowpoint Communications.

Dave Mariani

Dave Mariani

Co-founder & VP of Technology

Dave Mariani is one of the co-founders of AtScale and is the VP of Technology. Prior to AtScale, he was VP of Engineering at Klout & at Yahoo! where he built the world's largest multi-dimensional cube for BI on Hadoop. Mariani is a Big Data visionary & serial entrepreneur.

Matt Baird, CTO

Matthew Baird

Co-Founder & CTO

Matt is one of the co-founders of AtScale and is the CTO. Prior to AtScale, he was CTO at Inflection, an enterprise trust and safety software platform, where his team developed Archives, acquired by He has built software and managed teams at PeopleSoft, Siebel Systems and Oracle.

Sarah Gerweck

Sarah Gerweck

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Sarah Gerweck is one of the co-founders of AtScale and our Chief Architect. Prior to AtScale, Sarah was Lead Architect at Yahoo! where her team designed, deployed and managed the world's largest Microsoft Analysis Services cube. She currently holds 3 patents in high performance analytics.

Bruno Aziza

Bruno Aziza

Chief Marketing Officer

Bruno Aziza is the CMO. Prior to AtScale, Bruno was the CMO at Alpine Data Labs and SiSense. Bruno ran Marketing at Microsoft, where he helped the company grow its BI on Big Data business to $1B. Prior to Microsoft, Bruno worked in Corporate Marketing at BusinessObjects.

David Whitwell

David Whitwell

VP of Sales

David Whitwell is the VP of Sales. Prior to AtScale, he led sales for the east and Europe at Platfora. David has extensive sales experience in companies like Cloudera,, Siebel Systems and Oracle.

Kip Bowes

Kip Bowes

VP of Customer Success

Kip Bowes is the VP of Customer Success, including Support, Professional Services, and Education. Prior to AtScale, Kip ran the Services organization at Cloudera. In addition, Kip has led Services teams at Oracle, Endeca, Tibco, Macromedia, and Allaire Corporation.

Peter Perrone

Peter Perrone

Chief Financial Officer

Pete Perrone is the CFO. Prior to AtScale, Pete was CFO at Percolate and Limelight Networks. He also spent 14 years at Goldman Sachs, where he was a Managing Director in the Principal Investment Area, investing in and working with high growth technology leaders.


Frank Lee

Managing Director

UMC Capital

Nick Adams

Managing Director

AME Ventures

Michael Borrus

General Partner

XSeed Capital

Ryan Floyd

Founding Managing Director

Storm Ventures

Amr Awadallah

Founder & CTO


Mike Franklin

Professor of CS

UC Berkeley

David Zilberman

Managing Director

Comcast Ventures

David Lam


Atlantic Bridge Capital

Bob Brennan


Castle Blaney LLC

Jit Saxena



Tom Heiser

Board Director, CEO,

Executive Coach