August 12, 2021

Building a Semantic Layer with AtScale on Amazon Redshift

Using AtScale to establish a semantic layer on Amazon Redshift delivers several important benefits to modern data and analytics teams. As a single source of governed metrics, and dimensions, AtScale extends the value of Redshift for business intelligence and data…

Posted by: Dave Mariani

April 29, 2021

Make Power BI Shine on Snowflake, BigQuery & Redshift

Attention Power BI enthusiasts, what I am about to say is huge! AtScale now lets you get Live Query access to cloud data warehouses within a full, multi-dimensional model. This means you get live access to your cloud data with…

Posted by: Dave Mariani

March 2, 2020

Data Lake Intelligence With Amazon S3 and Redshift Spectrum

Hadoop pioneered the concept of a data lake but the cloud really perfected it. It’s no longer necessary to pipe all your data into a data warehouse in order to analyze it. Cloud data lakes like Amazon S3 and tools…

Posted by: Dave Mariani

March 4, 2019

Data Lake Intelligence with Amazon Redshift Spectrum and AtScale

In a recent article in Information Age we talked about how the worlds of big data and the cloud are preparing the path for the emerging concept of Data Lake 2.0. We believe that Amazon’s approach to the cloud-enabled data…

Posted by: Denis Dubeau