How to Scale Data-Driven Decision Making Across Your Organization

How To Scale Data Driven Decision Making Across Your Organization

Data-driven: a phrase that sounds so simple, but in practice so complicated. For years, organizations have accumulated data in various formats, from many sources. Data engineers were expected to process and analyze this data for consumption by business users. This led to data being more of a cost center and IT function than a true business driver.  

The advent of self-service business intelligence (BI) and cloud-native applications with embedded analytics has made some data more accessible to business users — the operative word being some. While this approach is a major improvement over not having direct data access, data silos and complexity still limit the accuracy and value of data for most organizations. 

True data-driven leaders know that getting business value from data means making everyone in the organization a data analyst, unlocking the power of enterprise-wide analytics for all. When more people can access analytics, it creates a flywheel effect where using data can improve the organization’s decisions over time and enhance its bottom-line. 

The Data & Analytics Flywheel


Enabling data-driven decision making

In our guide, How to Lead Data-Driven Practices at Scale, readers will learn how people, processes, technology, and infrastructure all play a role in developing data-driven practices. Dive into critical topics such as:

  • Architecting for self-service
  • Creating a data-sharing culture
  • Integrating machine learning into everyday decisions
  • Achieving nirvana with a single source of the truth

Gain wisdom and insights from some of the industry’s top data-driven leaders from companies like Tyson Foods, Wayfair, Cardinal Health, and more. Explore how these leaders structured their operations to empower everyone to use data to make better decisions. Each leader dives into strategies for success, including the tools of the trade that help improve data literacy and democratize the use of data across the entire organization.  

How to Lead Data-Driven Practices at Scale lays out best practices for architecting both your systems and organizational culture to encourage data sharing, including how to improve data trustworthiness and reliability. 

Learn how to start leading a data-driven team today.

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