Volume I: How to Lead

Data-Driven Practices at Scale

Looking for advice from fellow data & analytics leaders on how to scale smarter data-driven decision-making across your organization?

This book is a collection of practical guidance and advice from half a dozen data and analytics leaders. Read this book for an inside look at different data-driven practices, and how they are unlocking the power of self-service analytics for all.

You’ll get actionable insights from different modernization and democratization initiatives that have successfully derived value from data efficiently, and at scale.

Each chapter covers a different facet of data-driven practices and provides first-hand experiences with the people, process, technology and infrastructure needed to leverage data as a strategic asset. Each contributor explores various aspects about how they’ve structured their data-driven operations to empower everyone to use data to make smarter data-driven decisions at scale.

Read This Book to Learn About

  • Treating “data as a product” and how to drive real value for all data consumers
  • Making data accessible to everyone in your organization with their favorite tools
  • Architecting your data and analytics stack for self-service
  • Avoiding common infrastructure and data architecture challenges modern organizations face
  • Driving an analytics culture with a semantic layer

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Contributors Include

Jenni Wheeler
Director of Data and Analytics
Cardinal Health
jenni wheeler cardinal b/w
Maurice Lacroix
Business Intelligence Lead
Chad Wahlquist
Director of Data Strategy and Technology
Tyson Foods
Greg Mabrito
Director of Data and Analytics
Matthew Hartwig
Associate Director Core Data Platform
Dave Mariani
Chief Technology Officer, Founder
Dave Mariani AtScale Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer