Summer 2020 Global Azure DataFest Recap

OLAP on the Cloud with Azure Databricks and Azure Synapse

Recently, the AtScale team presented at the Summer 2020 Global  Azure DataFest. Our session, OLAP on the Cloud with Azure Databricks and Azure Synapse, was one of the highest attended of the day. 

AtScale co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Dave Mariani, and AtScale VP of Solution Engineering, Daniel Gray explained how Cloud OLAP helps you to analyze large amounts of data on Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse and other data platforms without moving it. They also demoed how to leverage AtScale’s Cloud OLAP perform multidimensional analysis – and derive business insights – on data sets from multiple providers – with no data prep or data engineering required.

As a result of watching the presentation, you will gain an understanding of how AtScale provides Microsoft customers with:

  • SSAS (OLAP) compatibility with Excel & any other BI tool that speaks MDX or SQL
  • Fast, consistent and low-cost multidimensional and tabular queries
  • Simple modeling tools to add new data elements and data sources instantly
  • Direct access to any data lake or data warehouse, including new cloud data warehouses and nested data
  • Security and governance controls to manage data access in one place
  • A single source of truth for critical business metrics, defined server-side

AtScale Cloud Data Warehouse Benchmark: Azure Synapse Analytics 

The presentation references a new AtScale Cloud Data Warehouse Benchmark report on Azure Synapse Analytics which quantifies vendor benefits for Azure Synapse — with and without AtScale. Benchmarking was performed using the standard TPC-DS (10TB) benchmarking framework. In addition to testing the performance and scalability boundaries of the various options, the report also examines the operational cost dimension and challenges the traditional data modeling techniques by testing an alternative to raw TPC-DS SQL.

Missed the Summer 2020 Global Azure DataFest?

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