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Everything you love about OLAP without the baggage.

Cloud OLAP (COLAP) enables sub-second, multidimensional analysis with popular BI tools on a modern cloud architecture.

AtScale is the first and only provider to take a new approach to interact with today’s massive data volume on the cloud, empowering BI users to directly query large datasets stored in their cloud data warehouse without unnecessary data movement.

AtScale Cloud OLAP makes data ready for analysis with no data movement or precomputation – eliminating the cost and bottlenecks associated with traditional OLAP solutions.

Benefits of Next-Gen OLAP

We agree. Your father’s traditional OLAP is dead.

Business analysts want to slice and dice data, at scale, without having to wait days or weeks for traditional OLAP cubes to build. The business doesn’t care which cloud data warehouse the data is stored in. They care about being able to drill down into data within seconds. With Cloud OLAP both IT and the business can finally have their cake and eat it too.

Access Data from Any Source

Create virtual analytics cubes on top of Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics, Google BigQuery, Snowflake and other cloud data warehouses quickly, easily and securely.

Secure Data Access

Enforce existing data security policies already in place. Eliminate data extracts and data movement to ensure data remains secure.

Self-Serve BI

Cloud OLAP enables performant, ad-hoc “what-if” analysis capabilities across your BI tools without the time-consuming data engineering work needed to deliver analytics through cloud data marts.

Accelerate Time-to-Insight

Connect live to data for “speed-of-thought” query responses for your BI and AI analytics initiatives and let your team drill down and iterate quickly.

I’m an executive or business analyst. What are the benefits of Cloud OLAP for me?

AtScale’s Cloud OLAP is used by some of the largest companies to help realize three main business objectives: driving revenue, decreasing costs associated with analytics and mitigating the risks associated with analytics. Here are some examples of how our customers leverage AtScale to realize their positive business objectives.

Consistency of business metrics and KPIs

AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer™ ensures that every BI tool is analyzing the same exact data, resulting in consistent metrics that are confidently used for making enterprise decisions without costly KPI reconciliation.

Predictability of cloud compute costs

Autonomous Data Engineering™ is used by organizations to reduce cloud compute costs by 50-90%, delivering the savings that were expected to be gained by moving to the cloud in the first place – and more accurate forecasting of cloud costs moving forward.

Reduced labor costs associated with delivering analytics

Reduce the manual tasks associated with delivering data for the business by orders of magnitude, creating a force multiplier for data engineering teams. Teams are now able to deliver data for analysis that meets and exceeds SLAs while reducing the demand to hire additional expensive resources.

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I’m technical. Give me Cloud OLAP in a language I understand.

Cloud OLAP includes all of the power of traditional OLAP analysis without the baggage. AtScale’s Cloud OLAP delivers improved query performance, consistent semantic definitions, live connections to data and self-serve analytics for your business users.

Sub-second query performance that enterprise business analysts expect

AtScale uses Autonomous Data Engineering to build, manage and maintain intelligent data structures. Queries scan these structures rather than a full table, reducing both query time and cost.

Consistent semantic definition of data with a live connection to any BI tool

AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer provides consistent data definitions that can be consumed through a live connection by any supported BI tool (including Microsoft Excel). The result is consistent KPIs across BI tools for confident decision-making.

Self-Serve Business Intelligence Analytics

AtScale’s drag-and-drop data modeling lets you ask new questions of the data without dependence on IT. Business users can quickly and easily publish new dimensions, measures and hierarchies and begin querying the data instantaneously.

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AtScale Works with All Cloud Platforms

AtScale’s Cloud OLAP virtually defines measures, hierarchies and dimensions for what-if, drill-down analysis on top of your cloud and on-premises data platforms including Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics, SQL Server, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Hadoop, Oracle, Teradata and more. Now analysts can keep the MDX performance they love and analyze today’s massive datasets in the cloud.

Amazon Web Services

AtScale provides access to live data on Amazon Redshift and S3 – quickly, easily and securely – for analytics and business intelligence.

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Google Cloud

AtScale and Google BigQuery together provide a cost effective, business friendly analytics solution that includes a Universal Semantic Layer, predictable performance, data governance and security all in one.

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Microsoft Azure

Along with Microsoft Power BI and the Microsoft Azure Cloud, AtScale and Microsoft together deliver a complete self service analytics powerhouse on-premise and in the cloud.

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AtScale lets you leverage your Snowflake Cloud data warehouse and query live data that is accessed securely for data visualization, reporting, or data science at lightning speed.

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Use Case Spotlight: Tyson Foods

“We leverage AtScale for OLAP use cases on Google Big Query for a number of our mission-critical business functions. AtScale’s Cloud OLAP and Autonomous Data Engineering™ capabilities deliver interactive query response times while minimizing load and improving concurrency across all of our operational data.” — Chad Wahlquist, Director of Data Strategy and Technology, Tyson Foods.


Fortune 50 DIY retailer optimizes a cloud data platform to increase ROI per analysis.

Toyota leverages AtScale, accelerating time-to-insight from weeks to minutes.

Fortune 100 industrial conglomerate embraces the cloud without business disruption.


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