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Analysis-Ready Data for Deriving
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No Data Prep or Data Engineering Required

Access ready-to-query data from leading data providers and analyze it to derive insights to support your business decisions. Without prepping data or pulling in a data engineer, you can use AtScale for multi-dimensional analysis on data sets from multiple providers like The New York Times, SafeGraph and the Bureau of Labor Statistics and visualize the results with pre-built workbooks in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

SafeGraph is committed to helping companies and communities understand the physical world through open access to geospatial data. With AtScale Data Insights, our data becomes accessible to anyone with Microsoft Excel or another analysis tool by removing complex data engineering work and can be used to help businesses make more informed decisions.

Auren Hoffman CEO and Chief Historian, SafeGraph

AtScale Data Insights Workbooks Examples

TABLEAU – Confirmed COVID-19 cases compared to Google Mobility Trends, by Location

MICROSOFT EXCEL – World Health Organization Covid-19 cases by country

POWER BI – New York Times – Covid-19 cases by state

TABLEAU – New Covid-19 cases for New York State compared to change in restaurant reservations

MICROSOFT EXCEL – New York Times – Covid-19 cases and Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment data

TABLEAU – New Covid-19 cases for Texas compared to change in restaurant reservations

POWER BI – World Health Organization Covid-19 cases with Google and Apple mobility data

TABLEAU – Number of US employees by industry sub-sector, month-over-month


Data Sets for Economic and Mobility Insights



Data Sets for Current Events and Environmental Insights


Data Sets for Public Health and COVID-19 Insights

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AtScale Data Insights in the News

“There is utility in working with data that has been prepped, cleansed, conformed and modeled.” – Andrew Brust, ZDNet