SAFEGRAPH: Demographic, Foot Traffic, and Places

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SAFEGRAPH: Demographic, Foot Traffic, and Places

About the data:

This Insights model includes SafeGraph’s demographic, foot traffic and commerce activity data together with other third-party economic, behavioral and public health data including Google and Apple mobility data, official US travel numbers data, and public COVID-19 case data.

SafeGraph is the source of truth for physical places. Unlock innovation with the most accurate Points-of-Interest (POI) data, business listings, & store visitor insights data for commercial places in the U.S.

Safegraph offers three different datasets:

  1. A complete dataset of demographics from the US Census by Census Block Group along with SafeGraph’s CBG (neighborhood) insights & visit patterns
  2. Foot traffic insights for all Starbucks locations in the US
  3. Business listing info, including lat/long, for all US Starbucks locations

From the provider:

Analyze the Data

Analyze Datasets Immediately - no data engineering or data prep required

AtScale has modeled the data with a broad range of dimensions and measures, so all you need to do is connect your BI tool to start analyzing COVID-19 public health data and economic and behavioral data in the same view.


Tableau Visualization of SafeGraph and other Datasets

Use popular BI tools including Tableau (pictured here) to analyze multiple datasets together to get a holistic picture of how COVID-19 is impacting consumer behavior. Drill down by geography, time, commerce category, and more.


AtScale Model of SafeGraph and other Datasets

The AtScale model is pre-built on top of SafeGraph and multiple other public health, economic and behavioral datasets with predefined measures and dimensions. These definitions automatically get pulled into your analysis, allowing you to drill down to answer your specific business questions and enrich your decision-making.

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