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Best-in-class user experience and performance, at a fraction of the cost.

Best In Class Excel-To-Google BigQuery Experience

AtScale’s patented Hybrid Query Service™ technology is the industry’s only solution that lets any BI tool run on Google BigQuery directly, supporting platforms like SQL or MDX, and without any data extract.

AtScale integrates natively with tools such as Microsoft Excel or Tableau without requiring any client install making it one of the easiest analytics platforms. Because AtScale acts as an XMLA data provider, Excel users can create live pivot tables against virtually any data set, no matter how large, using AtScale and Google BigQuery. AtScale + Google BigQuery performance simply means immediate and untethered BI.

AtScale turns BigQuery into a scale-out OLAP server, with support for the types of complex models and business concepts that are demanded by Business Intelligence use cases. Use Excel against a shared semantic layer that represents core business concepts in a way that works for business users.


Live, Fast, and Economical.

All Your Data. Live. Now.

Use your favorite BI tool to run live reports and dashboards the minute data is available in BigQuery. AtScale’s virtual data warehouse allows BI definitions and metrics to be used on top of BigQuery, live, with best-in-class speed, scale, and security.

Ask Bigger and Better Questions.

With AtScale, BI users get to query the full breadth and grain of the data stored in Google BigQuery. AtScale’s multi-dimensional capabilities accommodate a wide range of calculations. Users can ask better and bigger questions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones, and they receive insights faster.

Big Data Analytics at scale doesn’t have to break the bank

AtScale analyzes query patterns in real-time to automate and optimize the creation and management of intelligent aggregates. This speeds up queries and reduces query loads to the underlying database. The results? Up to 100X performance improvements and 1,000X query cost reduction.


Highly Available. Fast. Live.

No Data Movement, No ETL, No Datamarts!

No need to extract data out of Google BigQuery into data marts, proprietary data stores, or individual machines to deliver self-service BI. With AtScale, users get immediate access to data residing in their company's primary data warehouse. This means no added data latency and no data mart maintenance. Gone are the days where manual engineering projects took hours to finish before BI users could access and analyze data!

Faster Time to Insight, Fastest Time to Value

AtScale delivers consistent “speed-of-thought” response times to all queries. Our intelligent aggregates prevent queries from scanning raw data, unlocking the ability to support thousands of BI consumers without breaking the bank.

Live, Real-Time Analysis

With AtScale, because the data accessed is the actual data residing on Google BigQuery, end-users can analyze it as soon as it lands in Google BigQuery. Say no to stale data and let your business users get access to data, live and in real-time.