Beyond Limits and AtScale Partner to Deliver Business-Ready Applied AI Solutions

BOSTON — June 29, 2023 — AtScale, the leading provider of semantic layer solutions for modern business intelligence and data science teams today announced a partnership with Beyond Limits, a leading industrial-grade, hybrid artificial intelligence (AI) software company built for the most demanding sectors. This partnership will accelerate delivery of joint solutions to customers globally.

Intelligent infrastructure solutions are transforming organizations across the healthcare, manufacturing, energy, transportation, infrastructure, and transportation industries. This transformation is being driven by enterprise analytics and AI technologies delivered as applied solutions that solve real world challenges and result in value-creating decision support at all levels.

Beyond Limits is an industrial grade, hybrid AI company that optimizes operations, boosts efficiency, and increases productivity for demanding industries including energy, advanced manufacturing, fintech and healthcare. Beyond traditional artificial intelligence, Beyond Limits’ software products are powered by award-winning Cognitive AI technology, utilizing a hybrid AI approach that combines data-centric techniques with embedded human knowledge to affirm trust in software-driven decisions, manage operational risk, and drive profitability.

“The opportunity to bring applied AI solutions to modern industry is massive,” said Chris Lynch, CEO and Executive Chairman of AtScale. “Partnering with Beyond Limits allows us to bring powerful hybrid AI solutions to decision makers, empowering them to leverage existing business intelligence and data infrastructure to improve the impact of their efforts.”

By combining Beyond Limits’ hybrid AI platform and industrial-grade solutions with AtScale’s universal semantic layer and AI-Link, organizations will be able to rapidly build, encode, and apply domain specific science models, algorithms, and machine learning to improve business decision making in sectors like manufacturing, oil & gas, financial services, energy, and healthcare. The integrated capabilities also enable business analysts to seamlessly incorporate these AI insights directly into common business intelligence tools such as PowerBI, Excel and Tableau.

This partnership delivers important benefits to AtScale and Beyond Limits customers, including:

  • Integration Between the Beyond Limits Enterprise Knowledge Base and AtScale Semantic Layer: Allow data teams to logically define, organize, and manage complex business and technical metadata across the organization, while exposing the analytics within business intelligence and machine learning platforms.
  • Hybrid AI Modeling Designed for Business Impact and ROI: Create an AI program grounded in trust and transparency. The semantic layer can be leveraged to deliver  explainability and audit trails of the AI models, and the underlying data that drives decision-making processes. 
  • Digital Twin Enablement: Leverage the universal semantic layer to build a bridge between physical systems and digital twins.

“There is a natural synergy between Beyond Limits and AtScale,” said AJ Abdallat, Founder and CEO of Beyond Limits. “Both teams have focused on providing data-driven insights with clear audit trails to real problems in a way that decision makers can feel confident in the actions they take.”

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