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Establish an Independent Semantic Layer

Foster a culture of self-service while driving a consistent view of the business, regardless of consumption tools or data platforms.

Diagram shwing the AtScale Semantic Layer as a middle layer between data comsumers and data sources

Drive Self-Service Analytics for Everyone

Expose data consumers to a business-oriented view of data and analytics. Empower a broader set of business analysts and decision-makers to interact directly with their data with their tool of choice including Microsoft Excel.

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Semantic Layer diagram
composable analytics -diagram

Build Composable Analytics

Empower distributed teams to create, govern and share business definitions using an object-oriented approach. Assemble sophisticated business-friendly models with plug-and-play semantics using a governed library of semantic objects including dimensions, metrics, calculations and much more.

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Drive Collaborative Modeling for Multiple Personas

Build semantic models that span multiple business domains and analytics personas. AtScale’s code and no code based modeling architecture provides a common library for business analysts, data engineers and data scientists to collaborate on building and sharing a consistent set of semantic objects.

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Collaborative Data Modeling for Everyone
Build Data Products like Software with CI/CD

Build Data Products like Software with CI/CD

AtScale’s semantic models are based on Semantic Modeling Language (SML), an object-oriented, YAML-based modeling language. With your Git-compatible repository as the source of truth, you can apply the same software development life cycle (SDLC) you use for managing software projects to semantic model development.

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To reach AtScale’s level of efficiency and speed, we would have needed to devote significant time and resources to building aggregates by hand.

Mark Stange-Tregear

VP of Analytics, Rakuten Rewards

With AtScale, users can run live queries, straight to Google BigQuery at great speeds. It is not something that we saw anyone else able to deliver.

Maurice Lacroix

BI Product Owner,

AtScale’s capabilities seamlessly deliver interactive query response times while minimizing load and concurrency across all of our operational data.

Chad Wahlquist

Director, Data Strategy and Analytics Technology Platforms

Customer Story

Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods Interior

Analytics Modernization at Fortune 100 Multinational Food Producer, Tyson Foods

AtScale partnered with the data team at Tyson to ensure continuity of BI and reporting through the transition from Hadoop to Amazon RedShift and ultimately to Google BigQuery. Along the way, Tyson leveraged the AtScale semantic layer to lay the foundational building blocks to enable self-service BI and respond more nimbly to change.

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Delivering Business Impact

AtScale complements investments in modern cloud data platforms by accelerating BI workloads, simplifying creation of complex queries, and virtualizing analytics and AI/ML data pipelines.

Acceleration in BI Query Speed


Reduction in Compute Consumption


Reduced Time to Insight


Improved Resource Productivity


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