AtScale Announces Next-Generation Product Innovations to Foster Data-Driven Industry-Wide Collaboration

BOSTON — April 24, 2024 — AtScale, the leading provider of semantic layer solutions for analytics and Generative AI, today announced at the annual Semantic Layer Summit significant product innovations, aimed at advancing the industry into a new era of data-driven innovation. The announcements reinforce AtScale’s commitment to fostering easier collaboration and agility across all business units, empowering organizations to derive greater value from their data assets, and to gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Next-Generation Platform
The next-generation of AtScale’s platform is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and agility across organizations. By leveraging a modernized architecture, AtScale enables effortless scaling and seamless integration with leading cloud data warehouses. The platform is anchored on three foundational pillars of innovation:

  • Flexibility: AtScale established a Universal Semantic Hub to serve all AI and BI tools, allowing organizations to leverage semantic technologies effectively, regardless of size or industry sector. This allows teams to work with their preferred data products, making organizations more agile – and the entire process more cost-effective.
  • Collaboration: AtScale enhanced the discoverability, reusability, and oversight of analytics-ready semantic objects, shifting the focus from data products to analytics products. AtScale’s object-oriented, code and no-code modeling tool promotes sharing and collaboration across multiple personas, including business analysts, data engineers and data scientists.
  • Community: AtScale is committed to democratizing analytics consumption both within organizations and between organizations, by enabling anyone to build and share semantic models across industries and semantic layer platforms AtScale launched a free public preview version of its semantic layer platform called the Developer Community Edition, a new semantic modeling language (SML), and a repository of pre-built, reusable semantic models in GitHub, helping to establish a common language and set of tools for all.

“This is a significant milestone in our mission to empower organizations with data-driven insights while supporting collaboration across the data and analytics community,” said Dave Mariani, founder and CTO, AtScale. “The semantic layer serves as a key technology enabler for delivering the best of both worlds; business-friendly, self-service analytics, but with governance and control. By supporting traditional BI teams alongside a new generation of analytics users, our ‘plug and build’ approach uniquely accelerates data-driven innovations.”

Key features of the next-generation platform include:

  • Container Deployment: This feature brings new deployment options tailored to the cloud’s characteristics, such as scalability, elasticity, resilience, and automation. Users now have the flexibility to deploy AtScale microservices via Kubernetes or Docker, facilitating self-managed Kubernetes deployments and seamless integration with cloud environments such as Snowflake, Databricks and Google Cloud.
  • Context for AI and LLMs: In today’s world of advanced technologies such as Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), businesses require more than just seamless integration. They need data enriched with the relevant business context to ensure reliability, accuracy, and credibility. In this release, AtScale has established a metadata hub and common language, simplifying the process of incorporating any model or approach with GenAI and LLMs within the appropriate business context.
  • Enhanced Integration and Protocols Support: Deeper enterprise integration and authentication are provided through open-source packaging for Keycloak, OpenTelemetry OpenAPI, and KeyGen, as well as additional support for BI tooling and open protocols.
  • dbt Metrics Translator: AtScale has made a strategic move to seamlessly integrate with dbt by including its SML translator for dbt. This enhancement enables dbt semantic models to work with AtScale’s first-class, live query support for consumption tools including Tableau, Power BI, and Excel.
  • New Semantic Modeling User Experience: AtScale added a new semantic modeling Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to support both no-code and code-first data modeling in the same user experience. AtScale’s YAML-based modeling language can be used by any development IDE and supports full CI/CD integration with Git as the source of truth.

“The significance of cultivating a shared understanding of data throughout an organization cannot be overstated,” added Mariani. “As AI usage grows throughout the enterprise – and AI models become more sophisticated – the need for high-quality, well-understood data increases. The semantic layer empowers AI with context and clarity, enabling these models to not just process data, but understand it and use it to improve long-term decision making.”

For more information about AtScale’s relaunched platform and its innovative features, please watch the keynote presentation from today’s Semantic Layer Summit here.

About AtScale
AtScale’s semantic layer platform accelerates data-driven insights, simplifying and extending BI and data science capabilities. It empowers enterprise customers to democratize data, enabling self-service BI and agile analytics for impactful decision-making. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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