2020 Big Data & Analytics Maturity Survey Report

The 2020 Big Data & Analytics Maturity Survey polled more than 150 data and analytics leaders, IT/business intelligence practitioners, and business professionals from multiple industries around the globe on their enterprise cloud strategy, and their data and analytics priorities and challenges.

 The survey results reveal the majority of enterprises are choosing a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy, and that data virtualization and data governance are top priorities for big data and analytics leaders. Key findings from the survey include:

  • The Majority (79%) of Enterprises Use Multi-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Strategies – Only 24% of those surveyed say they are all in with a single cloud vendor.
  •  Investment in Hadoop Is Staying the Same or Growing – Hadoop investment is staying the same for 53% of respondents, while 30% said they plan to increase their investment in Hadoop. 
  • Companies Are Implementing Data Virtualization – More than half (55%) of respondents plan to invest in data virtualization in the near future if they are not already. 
  •  Data Governance Is a Top Challenge Across the Board – 80% of respondents said that data governance is very important to them.

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