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AtScale + Intersystems: Adaptive Analytics Overview

Learn how Adaptive Analytics, the combination of AtScale’s Semantic Layer and InterSystems IRIS, makes business intelligence and data science teams more productive.
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AtScale and InterSystems teamed up to provide an integrated semantic layer for IRIS, enabling customers to perform low-latency, OLAP analytics on InterSystems IRIS.

In this Tech Talk, Jeff Fried, InterSystems Director of Product Management, and Carmen Logue, InterSystems Adaptive Analytics Product Manager, explain how InterSystems customers are able to leverage AtScale’s Semantic Layer to modernize their analytics stack on IRIS for healthcare, financial and insurance use cases.

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In this Tech Talk we will dive deep on:

  • Replacing legacy “Cube” architectures like SSAS to support a solution that enables low latency analytics on IRIS.
  • Universal Semantic Layer to extend dialect support for DAX (Power BI), MDX (Excel), Python, and SQL (Tableau).
  • Bridging the gap between Data Science and Business Intelligence teams with a single governed view of business defined data.
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Who should watch

BI and AI leaders and practitioners (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, and analytics professionals) who want to better understand how Adaptive Analytics can support their analytics goals with InterSystems IRIS.

Duration: 10 minutes.  Adaptive Analytics section – minute 32:30 to 41:45