Overcome The 7 Hurdles to Cloud Data Transformation

The Next Virtualized Data Frontier for Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and AI

Cloud data transformation is about maximizing company data to grow the business. But the size and complexity of enterprise data ecosystems present many challenges for cloud data transformation.

There are hidden costs and insufficient interoperability that may render those hopes for efficiencies into mirages for many enterprises. This paper outlines in detail the seven hurdles that can stand in the way of organizations realizing concrete value for their cloud data transformation efforts.

Download this white paper to overcome the hurdles to cloud transformation and learn:

  • How Virtual Data Warehouses future-proof data access and enable companies to realize data value more effectively
  • How to migrate data from on-premises to cloud without disruption
  • How to democratize access for global users
  • How to maximize the value extracted from your data

This paper demonstrates why enterprises migrating to the cloud must go beyond simply “lifting and shifting” data into the cloud and embrace an approach that fundamentally transforms how data will be used and leverage superior insights and coordination that will directly support the business’s bottom line.