Data Liberation – The True Value of Self-Service Analytics

Advancements in cloud technology and the proliferation of cloud migrations have enabled the growth of a new, “self-service” culture when it comes to Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) analytics. With a self-service analytics culture, far more people across the organization can act upon data with knowledge, insight, and confidence.

Unfortunately, many companies today are unable to implement a self-service analytics culture despite the recent surge in self-service analytics products available – because of their fragmented data, and because of previous investments in BI tools that need to be preserved.

To become truly self-serve, you need an Adaptive Analytics Fabric. Here are the benefits:

  • Source-agnostic: Completely agnostic to the format of the data source, so you don’t need to replicate or re-format it.
  • Standardized business logic: Virtually translates all of your data into a common business language.
  • Tool-agnostic: Use any BI tool you want, no need to find a single standard.
  • Autonomous data engineering: Automatically makes sure your data joins and runs properly without movement, and optimizes queries to run quickly and efficiently.

Companies who proactively cultivate a true self-service analytics culture will empower their business users with game-changing analytics at their fingertips, and gain a competitive advantage. Leveraging an adaptive analytics fabric is the most efficient, worry-free, and cost-effective method to bring the transformative power of self-service analytics to your organization.



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