AtScale Office Hours: Accelerating Analytics with Cloud OLAP

With so many enterprises moving to the cloud, it was only a matter of time before Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) moved to accelerate analytics on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Snowflake as well. COLAP is Cloud OLAP.

Join AtScale co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Dave Mariani, as he explains how to leverage the computation power of your underlying data lake and cloud data warehouse.

You’ll learn:

  • How you can scale out your existing OLAP capabilities in the Cloud with minimal disruptions to your end-users
  • How OLAP can work seamlessly in the Cloud and/or on-premise with multi-dimensional data virtualization
  • How a modern, no data movement OLAP engine can work on today’s semi-structured and structured data types
  • How you can keep your existing data models while taking advantage of the cloud data warehouses
  • How OLAP can boost query performance and make cloud costs more predictable

Dave also demonstrates how AtScale Adaptive Analytics scales with your cloud data platform because our technology doesn’t ingest data or build physical cubes.

Who should watch: Business Intelligence leaders and practitioners, Data Architects, Data and Analytics leaders and practitioners


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