How Boston Children’s Hospital Enables Public Health Officials to Analyze COVID-19 Data with AtScale and Tableau

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Join experts from Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, AtScale and Tableau to learn more about the data and how public health officials are analyzing thousands of reports and map them to generate local and national views of COVID-like-illness, providing public health officials and researchers with real-time, anonymous information that could help end the COVID-19 pandemic, and prevent the next one from happening.


A majority of public health data is generated from interactions between health providers and patients. COVIDNEARYOU.ORG fills in the reporting gaps left by a majority of those infected by COVID-19 who experience mild illness. Working with AtScale, we are now getting this data into the hands of public health officials to use in their analysis for pandemic response measures.

John Brownstein Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital and professor at Harvard Medical School

John Brownstein

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