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Learn how to optimize sales channel investments by blending your SaaS data across applications like Salesforce, Marketo and Google Analytics.

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Cat Origitano
Product Marketing Director
Dave Mariani
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
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About the Webinar

The popularity of cloud-based SaaS applications makes it easier than ever to offload the technical burden of managing your business processes. However, calculating key business metrics often requires tremendous amounts of work to integrate data that’s spread across multiple applications and vendors.

Watch this webinar to see how you can blend data from popular SaaS applications in order to understand the performance of your marketing channels and their sources. Fivetran’s Product Marketing Director Cat Origitano talks about how to synchronize data between SaaS applications and data warehouses like Google BigQuery. AtScale’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Dave Mariani shows you how his internal team uses data models to turn this raw data into analytics-ready KPIs and business metrics.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Blend data across multiple business applications including SaaS applications
  • Build a shared agile data model that allows for immediate iteration
  • Create a business-friendly, shareable interface to key sales metrics
  • Instantly add new datasets from additional applications and systems
  • Improve the speed of adding data from new business applications

So you’ll be able to:

  • Clearly understand how each of your marketing channels (email, social, organic traffic) are performing
  • Drill into how the channels perform across sources and paid programs
  • Ensure consistent business metric reporting across the company

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Cat Origitano
Product Marketing Director

Catlyn (Cat) Origitano is a researcher, lecturer, and industry veteran with rich experience bringing products and business strategies to life in ad tech, marketing & advertising, education, travel, B2B, SaaS. Prior to joining Fivetran, Cat led the global Product Marketing team at Sojern a leader in programmatic advertising for the travel industry. She has also supported multiple Product teams, driving globalization and localization initiatives and product launches around the world, and was a lecturer at Marquette University from which she holds a Ph.D. in Ethics & Aesthetics.

Dave Mariani
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dave is one of the co-founders of AtScale and is the Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to AtScale, he was VP of Engineering at Klout & at Yahoo! where he built the world’s largest multi-dimensional cube for BI on Hadoop. Mariani is a Big Data visionary & serial entrepreneur.