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Use a business-centric approach to modernize your analytics infrastructure and generate insights that
significantly improve decision making in a fraction of the time.


Create a shared view of business objectives, drivers and performance

Seamlessly adopt and scale with cloud technologies while drastically improving query performance

Migrate to the cloud without a complete ‘lift-and-shift’ without disruption while improving query performance from branch to transaction in under 5 seconds.

Deliver multi-pass calculations like per member per month, time intelligence, and store/region benchmarking

From time shifting to counting distinct customers, AtScale will provide a full view of the data whether its region vs. local performance or counting distinct customers whether they are internal or external users merchants, payment partners, etc.

Aggregate user purchasing and behavior information across retail banking, investing, online, and social with your favorite AI/BI tool

Observe account activity across platforms to identify suspicious behavior and possible security breaches or evaluate risks and opportunities more thoroughly all without data movement and with a live connection using your AI/ML/BI tool of choice—all without extracts or copies of the data.

Business Challenges

Fraud Detection

Identify patterns of fraudulent behavior and possible security breaches in enormous amounts of unstructured and structured data and across multiple data platforms in real time.

Loan Analysis & Quality

Leverage just-in-time access to granular data on active loans, accrued equity, and the ability to generate quicker and more accurate appraisals.

Credit Risk

Reduce payment defaults and improve revenue recognition to evaluate risks and opportunities more thoroughly through aggregated big data.

Improve Customer Experience

Aggregate user purchasing and behavior information across retail banking, investing, online, and social media to achieve insights on customer experience opportunities, maximize the value of available customer data and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Why AtScale?

Increase adoption and reduce costs

Exponentially expand your data footprint without spending more on adoption or data access.

Serve one unified data model for all business users

Realize your vision for a self-service analytics environment where users can use any tool to access a single source of truth without competing or waiting for data engineering resources.

Make decisions at the speed of customer activity

Don’t sacrifice security to gain access to live data and provision it at the speed that’s needed to detect the biggest business opportunities and potential threats.

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Make your business decisions as fast as you can query and analyze your data

The need for speed is facing nearly three in four financial institutions and unsound decision making can cost 3% of profits, Gartner reports.


Improve visibility into the your financial performance and exposure to risk, customer behaviors and to detect possible security breaches.


Fully scale architectures centered on the key areas of agility, performance, and security.


Get a better, real-time understanding of market and operational risks.


Connect data easily and decouple the data migration process from access to and performance of data.


The Challenge:

Processing close to 25% of all US credit card transactions, this global financial services leader has more than 120 million customers worldwide. To better anticipate and identify fraudulent activity, the company sought to analyze credit-card activity in real time; but its traditional data architecture could no longer keep up with such hyper-speed analysis demands.

The Solution:

To be able to proactively decipher fraudulent activity, analysts require the ability to review transaction level card data in tandem with data collection, meaning all data had to be in the same place at the same time. A3 was implemented to solve for this need by enabling analysts to access and query all the data in Hadoop with sub-second response time, regardless of which front-end BI tool they are using.

With real-time, complete, governed, self-service access to all credit card data in Hadoop, this global financial services company is better able to track and update fraud protection algorithms, to deliver consistent protection and services to customers worldwide.



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Fortune 50 DIY retailer optimizes a cloud data platform to increase ROI per analysis.


Toyota leverages AtScale, accelerating time-to-insight from weeks to minutes.


Fortune 100 industrial conglomerate embraces the cloud without business disruption.


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AtScale Adaptive Analytics

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