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AtScale for

Big Data &
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Drive Hadoop adoption for your business

With AtScale, I.T. can give business analysts to direct and efficient access the valuable data in your Hadoop or other Data Lake, all while preserving the control, security, and responsiveness of your existing big data platform.

  • Dynamic Cubes ensure consistency and control
  • Support for any Hadoop distribution
  • Smart Aggregations dramatically increase query throughput
  • Support for SQL or MDX over ODBC, JDBC, or OLE DB
  • Zero-footprint install + no data movement = reduced complexity

AtScale for


Simplify Big Data access for BI users

AtScale turns your Big Data Lake or Hadoop cluster into scaled-out analytical server. Now you can use your BI tool of choice – from Tableau to Microstrategy to Microsoft Excel – to connect directly and query data in Hadoop or other Data Lake, with speed, security and simplicity. 

  • Virtual cubes present complex data as simple hierarchies measures and dimensions
  • Works with virtually any BI tool that can talk SQL or MDX
  • Analyze billions of rows of data directly on your Hadoop cluster
  • Eliminate need for costly data marts, extracts, and custom cubes
  • Consistent data definitions across all BI tools mean consistent answers across users

Connect Your Business Users with Your Big Data

With AtScale, the dream of Business Intelligence on Big Data is a reality. You can reduce the complexity of traditional approaches by eliminating the need for data movement or tool-specific data models. And our multi-compliant interface allows business users to leverage their existing BI tools while providing direct, secure, and interactive access to data in Hadoop and other Big Data Platforms.

Interactive Performance from Your Favorite BI Tool

AtScale supports current business processes by allowing your analysts to use the BI tools they know and love, but at sub-second speeds on live Big Data.

  • Connect Using Standard Big Data an BI tool Drivers
  • Smart Aggregates to Optimize Queries
  • Aggregates dynamically update

Easy, Intuitive BI Model and Cube Design

Business users interact directly with data in Hadoop via the AtScale Design Center web application. Data analysts can design virtual OLAP cubes using familiar workflows and intuitive drag-and-drop interactions. 

  • Intuitive OLAP Modeling Concepts
  • Rich Multi-Dimensional Support
  • Collaborative Cube Design and Lifecycle Management
  • Fast, Scalable Distinct Counts
  • 'No ETL' Virtual Data Abstraction Layer

Fits into Your BI & Big Data Architecture

AtScale is purpose-built for BI on Big Data and BI on Hadoop. It leverages the latest advancements in the Hadoop and broader Big Data ecosystem to support existing BI workloads. 

  • Works with Cloud + On-prem platforms
  • Multiple SQL-on-Hadoop Engine Support
  • Accesses Data Where it Lays
  • Built-in Support for Complex Data Types
  • Single Drop-in Gateway Node Deployment 

Smart Query Optimization

With AtScale your queries run fast on Big Data because we automatically generate and maintain aggregates. Advanced machine-learning algorithms optimize your BI query workloads on-demand to deliver the performance you and your users expect from BI, multidimensional and OLAP systems. 

  • Dynamic Aggregate Creation
  • Easy Aggregate Maintenance
  • Manual Aggregate Override Option
  • Support for SQL or MDX Queries 

Enterprise-Level Access Control, Monitoring, and Management

AtScale works with Enterprise Big Data deployments to offer data governance and security for the data residing in Hadoop and other Big Data Platforms. Administrators have complete control over who can access which data across Big Data in the Enterprise. 

  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Pluggable SASL Authentication
  • User and Query Audit Trails
  • Delegated Authorization Support
  • Support for Multiple Hadoop and Big Data Environments