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AtScale and Microsoft

AtScale and Microsoft

Excel, Power BI And Azure Working Together On Big Data

Microsoft Excel is ubiquitous and is arguably the most popular BI tool on the planet. By some estimates, there are over one billion Excel users worldwide. With AtScale, you can turn all these Excel desktops into powerful visualization tools with a “live” connection to data in any form, anywhere. Along with Microsoft Power BI and the Microsoft Azure cloud, AtScale and Microsoft together deliver a complete self service analytics powerhouse on-premise and in the cloud.

excel/powerbi architecture
Multidimensional Analysis on Microsoft Azure

With AtScale, you can turn your Azure cloud into a scale out multidimensional server. Define virtual dimensions, measures and hierarchies and get interactive query performance without moving data and without building a separate SQL Server Analysis Services cube. Your users can leverage the Microsoft suite of analytics tools and be assured to get the same answer every time with AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer.

One Version Of The Truth

Rather than building business logic and calculations directly into your BI dashboards and workbooks, leverage AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer to define all business logic in one place. Save your business users time and insure everyone speaks the same language.

powerbi screenshot
add perspective security screenshot - may 2019
Leverage Hadoop's Support For Complex Data Types

Don’t bother translating JSON and nested data types into rows and columns for analysis. AtScale takes advantage of Hadoop’s support for non-scalar data types in situ so you can create new analytics without manual data engineering. AtScale’s modeling environment transforms raw data virtually to provide the agility and speed your users demand on Azure HDInsight.

Secure And Governed Access To All Your Data

AtScale True Delegation™ ensures that every query is associated with the end-user who executes it while satisfying the most stringent data governance and access auditing policies. The platform works seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory and provides additional levels of security and governance, server-side, for all users.


AtScale’s patented Hybrid Query Service™ technology is the industry’s only solution that lets any BI tool run on the Microsoft Azure cloud and HDInsight directly, supporting platforms that speak SQL or MDX without data extracts or ETL. AtScale integrates natively with tools such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau and Power BI without client-side software or drivers. Whether on-premise or in the Microsoft Azure cloud, make all your data consumable with whatever tools your users prefer to use.

azure before/after

AtScale And Microsoft Resources

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