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Actionable Insights with Applied AI

Extend value of semantic layer to data science and AI/ML programs. Expose business-vetted features to ML. Explore ML-generated insights in existing dashboards.  Bridge AI to BI.

AtScale semantic layer connects AutoML to BI

Connect Data Science Programs to Semantic Layer

AtScale helps data teams bridge AI to BI — simplifying ML pipelines, accelerating feature discovery, and publishing model-generated insights back to the business.

Programmatic Feature Creation

An AtScale semantic layer establishes a single, governed source of metrics and dimensions that form an enterprise feature depot for data scientists. Data teams can quickly define new views of data, build time-relative metrics, and align dimensions across data sets. Data scientists can access live data through the governed view of the AtScale semantic layer.

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Operationalize Data Science Models

Scaling Time Series Analysis

Manage complex time-relative features via semantic models. Protect data pipelines from disruption caused by changes to underlying data or infrastructure. Bring key features discovered by models back to the semantic model for feature impact analysis.


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Publish Model Results to Broader Audiences

Model outputs — predictions, alerts, patterns — can be written back to the AtScale semantic layer. Decision-makers can work with modeled insights using the same set of BI dashboards and reports they use for historical analytics, making it easy to track predicted metrics vs. actual metrics.

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