Monetize Application Data with New Data Products Using AtScale Embedded

Analytics Background

Create New Sources of Value from Your Application Data

Activate the power of application data with new data products designed for business intelligence and data science users.

Rest API and AtScale semantic layer diagram

Embedding Analytics with AtScale

Software vendors can embed AtScale functionality into applications leveraging an API service, opening a range of possibilities to extend data experiences with the power of a semantic layer.

Build Interactive Analytics Experiences

A semantic layer organizes raw application data with a logical model that shows metrics and drill-down dimensions to consumers. The semantic layer can power performant, interactive analytics that can be embedded directly into application user experiences.

AtScale Powerful Metrics Design

Create New Data Products

When AtScale is embedded it can be used to build new data products that create incremental value for customers and offer new sources of revenue for software vendors. Product teams can expose pre-built, analysis-ready data that delivers new insights from data managed within software applications.

Bring your own BI

Embedded analytics tools enable analysts to tap directly into analysis-ready data sets managed with AtScale using the BI or data science tools of their choice. Compatibility with best-in-class data visualization tools creates a fast time to value and can complement analytics experiences embedded in applications.

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