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Analytics Background

Unleash Actionable Insights for Everyone

AtScale Enterprise builds a bridge between data consumers and cloud data, while also creating a single source of governed enterprise metrics and forming a foundation for high performance analytics.

AtScale semantic layer

The Power of a Universal Semantic Layer

The semantic layer sits between data consumers and data sources, presenting a business-oriented view that abstracts away the complexity of application data, accelerates analytics workloads, and provides a platform for enforcing governance and consistency.

Modernize Legacy OLAP Analytics

Legacy OLAP approaches, including Microsoft SSAS, do not practically scale in the modern cloud world. AtScale incorporates the best practices of dimensional analytics with a cloud-first approach. Migrate existing SSAS cubes directly to AtScale. Access analytics from Excel and Power BI – or from a broader set of BI platforms including Tableau and Looker.

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OLAP cube
Semantic Layer optimization

Cloud Analytics Optimization

Modern cloud data platforms support the scale of modern data sets and provide a foundation on which to build analytic programs. Delivering true speed-of-thought analytics on cloud scale data requires another level or resource orchestration. AtScale complements cloud data platforms to accelerate analytic queries while optimizing cloud resource consumption.

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Deploy your Enterprise Metrics Store

Use AtScale to enable decentralized creation of data products using a common language and governance policies. Publish a single set of governed analytics to users in an enterprise metrics store that can be accessed from common BI tools.

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Building Your Enterprise
AI BI diagram

Connect Business Intelligence with AI/ML

AtScale lets Data Science teams access the same set of business-vetted features used by BI teams, simplifying and accelerating feature engineering. AI/ML-generated insights can be published back to business users within the semantic layer for dimensional exploration of large predictive analytics data sets.

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