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A single view of all data for everyone.

Why Embrace a Universal Semantic Layer

Adopting a universal semantic layer safeguards businesses from forcing their users to learn new tools or develop new habits. Connect the business intelligence and data visualization tools you already know and love to any data platforms with consistency, performance, and security.

Live Connections, Not Extracts

Connect BI tools like Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Power BI and more to live data sources without data movement. Eliminate data extracts and minimize manual engineering projects like cube building and ETL.

Multidimensional & Tabular

Upgrade to a modern BI platform with support for time-based calculations, hierarchies, semi-additive metrics, multi-level measures, many-to-many relationships, and more.

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No Client-Side Software

Use your existing BI tool drivers to connect to your data platforms. Nothing else needed. AtScale is the only solution that natively connects Excel to live data on-premise and in the cloud. Since AtScale automatically converts MDX code, to the SQL specific to your data platform, it is easy to migrate users to the cloud without having to change any MDX code embedded in Excel spreadsheets or a legacy tool like Microsoft SSAS.


Keep your options open by insulating your downstream business users from the disruption of a platform migration. Lift and shift to new data platforms without disrupting your business users.

Use Case Spotlight: Move From SSAS to Snowflake

The Challenge:

One of the world's largest cashback websites was using SSAS cubes on Hadoop to track business critical data such as advertising efficacy and granular sales breakdowns. Their system could not scale, taking 23 hours of preparation to produce 24 hours worth of data.

The Solution:

AtScale's universal semantic layer enabled the enterprise to
migrate its data to Snowflake without interrupting analysts
using Tableau and Excel. Data now refreshes in minutes,
and query responses take seconds.

Learn How to Migrate to the Cloud
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Universal Semantic Layer Resources

Cloud Transformation Course
Learn how to migrate to a cloud data warehouse without business interruption in this series of five videos.

Case Study: Excel on Google BigQuery
Learn how one of the world's largest retailers was able to migrate from Hadoop to Google BigQuery
without disrupting 4000 excel users.

White Paper: The Rise of Virtual Data Warehouses
Learn how the prevalence of cloud transformation as a critical enterprise initiative has led to the
emergence of the Virtual Data Warehouse as a new paradigm in enterprise architecture.