Adaptive Analytics Fabric for Business

Intelligent Data Virtualization for Data Consumers

Fortune 2000 enterprises have a lot of data within their organization, but it’s not exactly “big” data – it’s fragmented into countless silos across an organization. Calling it big data requires an approach that marries all of this data together so enterprises can reap the benefits of a deeper and wider view. This data transparency that unlocks insights is ultimately what is going to increase the bottom line and win.

An adaptive analytics fabric that enables business-centric data virtualization eliminates the barriers to turning lots of data into Big Data to gain the insights that will move your business forward.

Read this paper to understand how an adaptive analytics fabric can:

  • Enables a single view of data even when that data is fragmented and siloed
  • Ensures consistent results across Business Intelligence (BI) tools by creating a single shared data source
  • Introduces a universal semantic layer that transforms data into business-centric formats – with no data movement
  • Accelerates data agility and query performance through autonomous data engineering without using up infrastructure resources

With business-centric data virtualization, organizations sweep away the obstacles for unifying data and optimize queries across the enterprise, without disrupting the work of the top data consumers in the process. An unprecedented and unified view into the heart of the business operations will let your organization can keep pace with, or even surpass, even the most hungry and data-savvy startups.


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