How Improves ROI and Accelerates Time-to-Insight on Google BigQuery with AtScale

AtScale Case Study

The Challenge

As the top online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium, has grown massively in a short amount of time. Their innovative team is data driven and customer focused. They were having challenges analyzing their data because it was on an overloaded Hadoop cluster that was taking too long running some jobs. At the time, their analysts were using Platfora for self-service data preparation and visualization. Shortly after the go-live, Platfora announced its acquisition by Workday and with that the discontinuation of the product. Instead of maximizing the potential of doing self-service business intelligence (BI) with Platfora, was challenged with finding a new solution for BI on a tight deadline.

The Solution

The team at captured the lessons from their Platfora implementation and completely renewed their BI technology stack. They moved all their data from the on-premises Hadoop cluster to Google BigQuery on the Google Cloud platform. They also moved their team to Tableau for visualizing data and off of Platfora. By adding AtScale as the layer between Google BigQuery and Tableau, they provided their 1600 BI users with a live, fast connection to their fresh and historical data without the need for additional data engineering.

AtScale helps improve BI performance on Google BigQuery, Saving Both Time and Money

Running one query in general on Google BigQuery doesn’t cost a lot of money, but when you are talking about the amount of data users we have that are running queries concurrently, it’s important to run queries as efficiently as possible. AtScale helps us reduce the amount of processing in Google BigQuery which saves us money.

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Willem Bekkers

Business Intelligence Specialist & Data Coach,

One of our top priorities was to have the ability to run rapid-fire, multi-dimensional analytics at large scale, directly from the BI tools our data users prefer. With AtScale, users can run live queries, straight to Google BigQuery at great speeds. It is not something that we saw anyone else able to deliver.

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Maurice Lacroix

BI Product Owner,

The Results

The move to Google Cloud provided a lot of computational power during the last two months of the year when is busiest with holiday shopping. Leveraging AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer™,’s BI users have a live connection to data to perform more timely analysis. Acceleration structures created by AtScale’s Autonomous Data Engineering™ are utilized in more than half of queries enabling BI users to load over 70% of their Tableau workbooks in less than 10 seconds. These same acceleration structures drastically reduce the amount of compute required to run each analyst’s query providing with additional ROI with Google BigQuery.


Since being founded in 1999, has become the biggest online store in the Netherlands and Belgium for buying books, toys and electronics.

  • Over 11 million customers
  • 3.5 million visits per day
  • 23 million products
  • 30,000+ partners who sell on the platform
  • Over 6,000+ pick-up points in the Netherlands & Belgium
  • 2,000+ employees


The Global 2000 relies on AtScale – the intelligent data virtualization company – to provide a single, secured and governed workspace for distributed data. The combination of the company’s Cloud OLAP, Autonomous Data EngineeringTM and Universal Semantic LayerTM powers business intelligence resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions at scale. For more information, visit

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