AtScale + Snowflake: Tips and Techniques

Craig Collier, Principal Solutions Architect, Snowflake
Craig Collier

Principal Solutions Architect at Snowflake

Chris Oshiro Headshot, Field Cto At AtScale
Chris Oshiro

Field CTO at AtScale

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Partnership and Success

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AtScale on Snowflake represents our fastest-growing customer profile by far. Why? It’s not because of Snowflake shortcomings. It’s not about AtScale’s overlapping capabilities. AtScale and Snowflake are very different and complementary technologies. Snowflake is the industry leader in cloud computing, and AtScale provides the mission-critical semantic layer required for business analysts and autonomous data engineering. AtScale’s support for time relative measures, hierarchies, dimensional modeling, Excel pivot tables (MDX) support, Power BI (DAX) support all serve as required capabilities to drive more use cases towards Snowflake without moving data off Snowflake.

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We’ll cover:

  • As always, we’ll tackle a lot during this session. We want all customers (whether using Snowflake or not) to understand the breadth of the AtScale and Snowflake partnership has to offer.
    • Typical Use Cases – We’ll start the session outlining the business benefits of united AtScale with Snowflake. We’’ll cover use cases like cloud migration to query dialect support.
    • Infrastructure – We’ll walk through the AtScale and Snowflake configuration. Review options and best practices.
    • Modeling – We’ll demonstrate importing a model and mapping to Snowflake. We will also show how take advantage of Snowflake VARIANT datatypes.
    • Other goodies – How to audit into Snowflake? Teaser discussion on data science workloads with AtScale and Snowflake.