Announcing The GA AtScale Developer Edition


We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the AtScale Developer Edition! You can register and download it here.

GA Developer Highlights

  • Available for free
  • Access to PostGres included
  • Public Repo can be found here
  • Allows developers to model out their data
  • Introduces Semantic Modeling Language (SML)
  • Containerized runtime enables you to deploy anywhere
  • Features a business-friendly user interface

Our Developer Edition is meant to help Developers get ahead of their modeling processes by using a local Postgres endpoint to model their data. It allows our community of developers to gain access to the semantic platform free of charge.

Our Developer edition leverages the Semantic Modeling Language (SML), a sophisticated object-oriented modeling language. This allows developers to fully express complex business concepts with a reusable and shareable semantic model supporting an analytics mesh or hub-and-spoke governance. Developers can now use a familiar YAML style to create and augment their semantic models. For more information on SML, read our product documentation.

Developers can also leverage their preferences for designing their models with our unified, user-friendly interface. Users can comprehend and analyze data without understanding the completed query languages and databases. Whether Developers prefer a drag-and-drop experience or a code-first approach, they can accomplish both with our business-friendly user interface.

AtScale Public Git Repository

To get a head start, we have seeded our public Git repo with several pre-built semantic models empowering developers to learn and innovate together. These industry-specific semantic models are available with any BI tool, giving immense value to companies seeking to leverage data modeling in their operations. Examples of these pre-built models include:

Retail Insights Enhancement

Retail organizations can seamlessly integrate third-party data providers such as CRISP using Databricks’ data marketplace. By leveraging the repository’s pre-built CRISP data model simultaneously, these organizations can gain operational insights through their BI tool of choice, such as Power BI, Tableau, and Excel.

Operational Efficiency in Finance

Financial services customers can enhance their operations by leveraging a smart data fabric architecture enriched with a pre-built semantic model that speeds time to insight.

Advanced Analytics Transition

Pre-built data models facilitate a smooth transition from Google Analytics 4 to the next generation of warehouse-native digital analytics.

Join AtScale’s Community

Here at AtScale, we aim to encourage active collaboration and welcome contributions from the data community. This free edition packs the full functionality of AtScale, integrating our latest advancements, including DBT integration and robust BI tool compatibility, all underpinned by our powerful SML capabilities.

We can’t wait to see how our community will use these new capabilities to drive innovation and create value. Join us now and start transforming the way you work with data!

AtScale Developer Community Edition
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