Data News Roundup- January 21st, 2021

Data News Roundup, January 21st

Welcome back to our “Data News Roundup” for this week! We hope that you all had a chance to check out the details for our upcoming webinar, “How to Blend Data from Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Marketo to Optimize Your Sales & Marketing Channel ROI,” with Fivetran. In this webinar, the experts from AtScale and Fivetran will show you how to:

  • Blend data across multiple business applications including SaaS applications
  • Build a shared agile data model that allows for immediate iteration
  • Create a business-friendly, shareable interface to key sales metrics

And much more! 

To reserve your spot, register here

Now, what’s new with data and tech this week? Keep reading to find out! 

So You Want to Be a Data Engineer?– January 21st

By Keith D. Foote


What does a data engineer’s responsibilities look like in 2021? In this article, learn about the skills and experience that are needed as well as what to expect on the first day of the job. 

Google Cloud offers image search, recommendations service for retailersJANUARY 19TH

By Tiernan Ray


“Vision API product search and Recommendations AI, the two services are part of what Google has unveiled as a suit of functions called Product Discovery Solutions for Retail.” How will this tech influence the shopping experience?

10 Trends Shaping the Security Industry in 2021 January 19th 

By R. Dallon Adams

Tech Republic  

How will organizations better respond to security challenges and vulnerabilities this year? In this article, learn how 5G, open AI ecosystems, and moving to the cloud will all have a supporting role.

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