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Turn the Cloudera data lake into a super-fast adaptive analytics fabric.

Make Hadoop Work For Interactive Analysis

Cloudera empowers people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights. The Cloudera data lake is a flexible, affordable solution for processing and analyzing a wide variety of data. AtScale can make all that data instantly available and consumable for BI and AI consumers using the tools they already know and love.

Democratize All Your Data For BI and AI
With AtScale, BI users can query the full breadth and grain of the data stored in a Cloudera Hadoop cluster. AtScale’s multidimensional engine delivers full multidimensional functionality on Impala, Hive and Spark at scale. AtScale delivers live, interactive queries without needing manual data re-engineering to flatten your traditional star schemas to make your data work with Hadoop.
Connect Excel Live To Hadoop
AtScale’s patented Hybrid Query Service™ technology lets just about any BI or AI tool run on Hadoop directly, supporting tools that speak SQL or MDX and without data extracts or ETL. AtScale integrates natively with tools such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau and Power BI without client-side software or drivers and provides a “live” interactive connection to even your largest data sets.
One Version Of The Truth
Rather than building business logic and calculations directly into your BI dashboards and workbooks, leverage AtScale’s Universal Semantic LayerTM to define all business logic in one place. Save your business users time and ensure everyone speaks the same language.
Secure And Governed Access To All Your Data
AtScale True Delegation™ ensures that every query is associated with the end-user who executes it while satisfying the most stringent data governance and access auditing policies. The platform works seamlessly with AD, LDAP and SAML and provides additional levels of security and governance, server-side, for all users. AtScale respects your Sentry and Ranger rules from cube designer to the BI and AI consumer. Rest assured that data stays where it landed is secured and governed in one place.


Don’t bother translating JSON and nested data types into rows and columns for analysis. AtScale takes advantage of Hadoop’s support for non-scalar data types in situ so your can create new analytics without manual data engineering. AtScale’s modeling environment transforms raw data virtually to provide the agility and speed your users demand.

AtScale and Cloudera Resources

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Webinar: Five Ways To Scale BI On Hadoop
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Turn the Cloudera data lake into a super-fast adaptive analytics fabric.