Demystifying the Semantic Layer for Smarter, Faster AI and BI

The What, So What, and Now What

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Learn five key value propositions for the business to implement a semantic layer solution.

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A Perspective From Legendary Author Prashanth Southekal, PhD, MBA.

Though enterprises have been using semantic layer tools to manage data for a long time, the data landscape has changed significantly in the last few years due to the increased adoption of big data, cloud data warehouses, self-serve analytics, and more.

This white paper will explain the (WHAT? SO WHAT? NOW WHAT?) to understand the problem thoroughly to guide the implementation of a semantic layer solution.

It looks at – WHAT is the problem? SO, WHAT is the impact of this problem? Finally, NOW WHAT is the solution to address this problem.

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About the Author

Prashanth Southekal is the Managing Principal of DBP Institute (, a data and analytics consulting and education firm. He is a Consultant, Author, and Professor. He has consulted for over 75 organizations including P&G, GE, Shell, Apple, and SAP. Dr. Southekal is the author of two books — “Data for Business Performance” and “Analytics Best Practices” — and writes regularly on data, analytics, and machine learning in, FP&A Trends, and CFO.University. Apart from his consulting pursuits, he has trained over 3,000 professionals worldwide in Data and Analytics. Dr. Southekal is also an Adjunct Professor of Data and Analytics at IE Business School (Madrid, Spain). CDO Magazine included him in the top 75 global academic data leaders of 2022. He holds a Ph.D. from ESC Lille (FR) and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management (U.S.). He lives in Calgary, Canada with his wife, two children, and a high-energy Goldendoodle dog. Outside work, he loves juggling and cricket.side work, he loves juggling and cricket.